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  • Depression
  • Mood Disorders 
  • Dizziness / Vertigo / Instability

About Us

Dr. Ana María Soza Ried

Director Vest Brain
Medical Doctor
M.Sc. Neurobiology and Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health
University of Chile

Vest Brain is a medical center dedicated to treating depression and mood disorders through the vestibular system or balance system located in the inner ear.

Current neuroscientific evidence accounts for the important role of the vestibular system in multiple human brain functions such as self-perception, emotional control, cognitive functions, and spatial memory, among others.

Vest Brain developed a world-unique technology based on the correction of vestibular asymmetries using non-invasive natural stimuli such as controlled rotary motion. Unilateral physiological neurovestibular stimulation is transmitted directly to the brain areas that control mood and cognition, generating increased neuronal activity and a significant improvement in depression.

The effectiveness of the Vest Brain treatment has been proven in controlled clinical trials and recognized by hundreds of patients treated since 2014.


Our neurovestibular stimulation technology is based on the physiological activation of balance receptors in the inner ear to treat depression, mood disorders and vestibular system disorders, instability, dizziness and vertigo.
Successfully applied to adults, pregnant women, adolescents and children from 5 year

  • Depression
  • Mood Disorders 
  • Dizziness / Vertigo / Instability






Treatment Scheme

1° Session

Day 1

2° Session

Day 7

3° Session

Day 30

Telemedicine - VideoConsultation

You can schedule a private consultation by video call to explain your case, we will attend you with the strictest protocols of professionalism, confidentiality, seriousness and respect

VEST BRAIN Advantages

  • Double efficacy than conventional treatments.
  • Solid scientific base.
  • Only 3 sessions.
  • Physiological, through natural nerve pathways, does not use medications.
  • Stimulates key brain areas in depression.
  • Acts on self-perception, mood, decision-making, concentration, body control, vital energy, sleep-wake cycles, heart rate, sweating etc.
  • For patients of all ages from approximately 5 years old.

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Av. Vitacura 9990, Of 101 - Vitacura, Santiago, Chile

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